Automotive Detailing: How can it help my car?

Automotive DetailingAccording to Wikipedia, “Automotive detailing is the act of performing a thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing of a motor vehicle, to produce a show-quality cleanliness and polish. Detailing can be performed on a vehicle’s exterior and/or interior.” Here at Myrtle Beach Detailing, that’s exactly what we do. Keep reading to learn more!

Automotive DetailingWhat Automotive Detailing Means to Us

At Myrtle Beach Detailing, we want the vehicles we detail to stand out among the crowd. We want your vehicle to look new and feel new. Isn’t that one reason why people get their vehicle professionally cleaned? Of course, it is! To us, to “detail” a vehicle means cleaning every single nook and cranny, both inside and out. No “detail” is left out. That means we use specialized tools and products to clean your vehicle properly. We don’t cut corners either. Our techs vacuum up all those French fries from under your seats. We make sure your windshield has no streaks. That strange smell you can’t quite name? Well, we get rid of that too!

Automotive DetailingWe Help Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

First, on the outside of your vehicle, we don’t simply spritz your vehicle with a little bit of water. As a matter of fact, we use the only the finest products and tools to make sure the exterior of your vehicle shines bright. There is no skimping or skipping steps in the process. Moreover, a professional detail service can actually extend the life of your vehicle. Here in Myrtle Beach, we don’t necessarily have to deal with much winter weather and salt on the roads. But we do deal with the salt air and tropical weather. Both of those things can wreak havoc on a vehicle’s exterior.

Automotive DetailingGive Myrtle Beach Detailing a Try

Don’t let Mother Nature, or anyone (or anything) else, hurt your vehicle. Let the automotive detailing experts here at Myrtle Beach Detailing extend the life of your vehicle with a proper detailing. By all means, give us a call, tap or click the link below to begin the process!