Can Rain Harm Your Car?

At Myrtle Beach Detailing, we must keep your car looking incredible consistently! To help, we would like to answer to some regular questions we get asked by our customers, with one of the most seen being if a downpour harms the “complexion” of a car.

The answer to this question is not as obvious as most would consider. While the water that downpour is comprised will disperse, the minerals and dirt that is in it will not. Seriously, this means once the rain has dried, you will be left with water that makes your vehicle look dirty. Fortunately, if you get a car wash several days after the downpour, you can have the minerals and dirt washed away. Unfortunately, if you do not get the chance to have your car washed, the rain can adversely alter your vehicle’s outward appearance.

pollen seasonIn addition to our answer, we would also like to share that we offer waxing and washing services, which can help further ensure your car’s paint work wonderfully. Stop by Myrtle Beach Detailing, or give us a call, to get your next wash, wax or full detail service scheduled!