Can You Remove a Bumper Sticker Safely?

bumper stickerWhether you have switched political relationships, or you understood that the stick people on the back of your vehicle truly is not that clever, a bumper sticker can ultimately turn out to be an ugly thing. But how do you remove an undesirable bumper sticker on your motor vehicle devoid of wrecking the paint surface? Look at out the following methods to find out which one may work safest for you.

The Lubricant Technique

As risqué as it may seem, the lubricant approach is when you utilize a vehicle-certified, non-damaging liquid to help pry off that undesirable sticker from your motor vehicle.

  • Gently peel back a tiny portion of the bumper sticker at a corner with a razor blade.
  • Spray WD-40 beneath the visible side of the sticker and utilize the blade to keep on peeling the sticker off the surface.
  • Next, when the the sticker is removed, resume utilizing the lubricant and razor blade to get any additional adhesive gunk off your vehicle.
  • Wash off the additional lubricant with a cloth or old fabric, and then wash away the place.

bumper stickerHair dryer Technique

An additional method to get free of that obstinate sticker is by utilizing a typical domestic hair dryer. You can also use a heat gun. A heat gun can be found at the local home improvement or hardware retailer.

  • Hold the hair dryer roughly six inches from the sticker. Aim the heat/hot air right on it for roughly two minutes.
  • Peel up a corner and gradually pull it back. Peel in the direction of the other end of the sticker (not up in the air).
  • Pull gently back on the bumper sticker and maintain the heat/hot air as needed until the sticker is entirely removed.
  • When the sticker is gone, you may have a sticky goo on your vehicle. You can remove that by utilizing an automotive glue detergent.