Detailing Summer Fun Vehicles!

We have said it before: Myrtle Beach Detailing cleans more than just vehicles! We can clean and professionally detail most any type of “vehicle” like those that float, those on two wheels, three wheels or four. We can also professionally detail larger recreational vehicles too. Now is the perfect time to get your boat, ATV or RV scheduled!

Boats & Other Watercraft

Yes, you read that correctly! Myrtle Beach Detailing can professionally detail your boat AND other types of personal watercraft such as jet skis. Did you “forget” clean or properly store your boat at the end of last season? Well, we can make it shine so the next time you’re on the water, it will sparkle in the sun. The same goes for your jet skis.

All-Terrain Vehicles & Golf Carts

Did you go out “mudding” lately? If so, that means your all-terrain vehicle might need a good cleaning. Have a motorcycle you need to get ready for the upcoming bike weeks? Myrtle Beach Detailing can make your bike or trike look practically brand new. Are the seats of your golf cart looking a little rough? Has it been sitting uncovered in your garage? We can bring your golf cart back to its former glory too.

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) & Motorhomes

After your last trip, did you store your RV or motorhome without properly cleaning it? Have stains on the carpet or furniture? We’ll be more than happy to professionally deep clean your RV or motorhome. Getting it done well before your next road trip will save you precious time in the long run.

pollen seasonHave Questions?

As always, if you ever have questions about the services or products we use, please feel free to call us. We are here to save you time and the hassle of personally cleaning your vehicles. Call Myrtle Beach Detailing today for appointment times, prices and services!