Detailing Tips from Myrtle Beach Detailing!

Keeping a clean vehicle goes a very long way towards extending the life of your vehicle, both inside and out. Not only can making sure your vehicle is properly detailed extend the life of your vehicle, but do you really want to drive a dirty car? We didn’t think so! Here are a handful of detailing tips to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape!

Regular Washes

One of the best ways to keep your vehicle’s exterior in good condition is with regular washing and waxing. Here in Myrtle Beach, we deal with salt air that can seriously harm your vehicle. Making sure to remove all the dust, dirt and debris will help avoid rust from forming. You’ll want to make sure you wash the undercarriage of your vehicle too. If you drive in the northern states in the winter, washing the undercarriage is especially important. Salt spread on the road during snowy weather is particularly dangerous to your vehicle. Don’t let it sit on your vehicle long or else you’ll be in trouble.

Maintaining the Interior

Keeping the interior well maintained is just as important as taking care of the outside of your vehicle. One easy way to keep the inside of your vehicle in shape is to make sure you keep a trash bag handy.  There’s always some sort of trash that collects in a vehicle, be it fast food containers or soda bottles. When you stop for gas, toss it in the trash can!

Paper Towels are Helpful

Here’s another great tip for you. Keep a roll of paper towels in the car to quickly sop up any spills that may happen. Also, keep a small bottle of window cleaner in your car. That way, you can use the paper towels to clean your windshield or side windows any time you need to!

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You can always count on Myrtle Beach Detailing to help you keep your vehicle clean and in tip-top shape. Call us now to get your appointment scheduled!