Get Your Motor-home or RV Ready for Summer!

Routine detailing will keep any automobile looking and operating its finest. Recreational Vehicles (Motor-home/RVs) are no exemption. Whether you are a novice to the interest or new to performing detailing at home, Myrtle Beach Detailing has created a list of all you should to understand to get the work accomplished correctly. Keep reading to learn more!

Rooftop Cleaning

The roof top of an RV or motor-home is typically the section of the vehicle that gathers the greatest amount muck and filth. Most RV roofs are flat, which implies they are susceptible to accumulating dirt. That’s not surprising considering they stay outdoors, parked beneath trees and encounter all sorts of weather.

Outside Wash

Following the cleaning of the rooftop, the following stage is to wash up the complete outside of the motor-home. Once again, this can be accomplished by employing several different methods:

  • Hand-washing
  • Utilizing a pressure washer
  • Employing a “dry” wash product

No matter what you choose to utilize, make certain the cleaning solution is an appropriate for the particular material it will be applied to. Be sure to clean the whole surface, involving bumpers, fenders, and the glass.

Bug, Tar, and Sap Removal

Following the outside wash, it is the perfect moment to eliminate any tacky materials that a regular washing did not remove. For the most part, this will comprise of bug and tar gunk. However, it will occasionally likewise consist of eliminating sap from the rooftop.

Cleaning the Awnings

Does your motor-home have awnings? If the answer is yes, you ought to open up and wash them as well. Make certain you utilize a cleaning solution manufactured specially for the awning fabric. You will require a product sufficiently powerful to wash away all the built up grime. Likewise, the cleaning solutions needs to be mild enough not harm the material or other surfaces.

Tire Cleaning on Motor-home

The tires and wheels are the final thing you should wash. This can be accomplished with a straightforward sponge and tire cleaning product.

Outside Waxing

When the complete exterior of the motor-home is clean, it is the moment in time to wax the body of the vehicle. Make certain to utilize a wax that will not harm the siding of your RV. Your wax options are:

  • Wipe-on-and-buff-off wax
  • Spray-on-and-wipe-off varieties

Cleaning the Inside

To clean the inside of your motor-home, you will normally clean the following:

  • Carpets
  • Seats
  • Cup pockets
  • Vents
  • Gaps
  • Additional surfaces.
  • Remove any foul odors
  • Flush the tanks and water lines.

Of course, this is a HUGE undertaking for a single person, or even two people. That’s where Myrtle Beach Detailing can help you! We have many years of dedicated skill cleaning a variety of materials found in any type of automobile. Give us a call today to get your detailing appointment scheduled!