Headlight Restoration at Myrtle Beach Detailing


When is the last time you took a good long look at your headlights? Are they looking a little cloudy? When you drive at night is the light a little less bright that you remember when your car was new? Do you wish they were brighter so you could see better night night? Well, you might want to call Myrtle Beach Detailing and have a headlight restoration and get them looking practically brand new!


As we drive our vehicles, the clear coat on the headlight lenses can wear off. Small rocks can pit and scratch the lenses. Chemicals and road dirt can cause the headlight lenses to oxidize and turn a yellowish color. That yellow color can make a car look old; like its owner just doesn’t care. You spend the time, effort and money to fully detail your vehicle inside and out. Leaving those headlights looking ugly makes all of your hard work mean nothing.

Safety Concern

Those yellow headlights mean less light is being let through the lens. That’s a huge safety concern, especially when driving at night or in inclement weather. Don’t keep driving around with dull and yellow headlights. It’s not safe for you. It’s also not safe for other drivers and pedestrians who can’t see you very well.


The Difference is Clear

Myrtle Beach Detailing has a special process that removes all the built up gunk on the headlight. Then, they smooth out the exterior part of the lens and you’re good to go. Just check out these before and after pictures of just two of the vehicles we’ve fixed. Isn’t the difference amazing? You’ll see the difference too when you flip on the your headlights at night, too!


Call Myrtle Beach Detailing

By all means, call us here at Myrtle Beach Detailing to get your headlight cleaning appointment scheduled. Once it’s done, you’ll wonder why you waited so long in the first place!

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