Nasty smells? Make your car smell better fast!

Does your car smell a little funky? We have some great tips for you. Keep reading to learn a few easy tricks to keep those nasty smells at bay!

The Nasty Smells Can Add Up

We use our vehicles for many different reasons like carrying the kids to sports or taking the garbage to the dump. Many people use their vehicles for their work, like mobile pet grooming or as a grocery-getter. It’s also common for people to eat in their cars. Ever had someone light up a cigarette in your car? That’s a rough one! All of these things and more can cause nasty smells in your vehicle. But, there’s a way you can make those nasty smells disappear. It’s super easy and inexpensive to do.

nasty smellsUse Baking Soda

One thing you can do to get rid of nasty smells in your car is to use baking soda and essential oils. You start with a regular small mason jar and poke holes in the lid. Fill the jar halfway with baking soda. Then, all you have to do is drop a small amount of your favorite essential oil onto the baking soda. Close the lid and set it in one of your cup holders. When you get in your car, give it a small shake and smell the freshness. The essential oil makes the car smell good and the baking soda adsorbs  the nasty smells.

nasty smellsScented Wax Melts

Another genius way to keep your car smelling good is to use scented wax melts. Yes, those same little cubes you use in your home can also be used in your car! Again, using a small mason jar with holes in the lid, just drop a few of the wax melts in. Close the lid and there you go. The warmth that builds up in your car while it’s parked will melt the wax cubes and release the good smell.

nasty smellsMmmm, Fresh Laundry

Another super easy thing you can do is to throw a couple of good smelling dryer sheets under the seats of your vehicle. Who doesn’t like the smell of fresh, clean laundry in the first place? This is a really easy way to make those nasty smells go away.

nasty smellsNeed more help?

Of course, there are going to be times when something creates a smell that needs professional help. If you need serious help, by all means, please call Myrtle Beach Detailing. We have to tools and products that can definitely get your car smelling better.