Paint Sealant vs. Wax – What’s the difference?      

Essentially, car wax and paint sealant are the same thing. Both are products are coatings for your vehicle’s paint. They aren’t completely the same though, but both serve the same purpose: to protect your vehicle’s exterior surface and keep is looking nice and shiny. Car waxes are made using either synthetic materials like acrylic resins or natural waxes like Carnauba. Many times, products contain a combination of both products.

How to Decide

Car owners know that paint can oxidize and deteriorate quite quickly without proper care. Both paint sealant and wax aim to protect your vehicle’s paint from pollution, moisture and sun exposure. But, beyond protection, waxes and paint sealant will also make your vehicle’s paint finish reflect more light. That being said, your vehicle’s paint will seem to have more vibrancy and color. Many owners feel that Carnauba wax adds an additional level of warmth, sine and depth. In other words, it tends to look more natural. Paint sealants offer more lasting protection, along with more sparkle and brilliance.


Questions About Cleaner Waxes

A cleaner wax is basically a wax and vehicle polish in one product. This type of product saves time but allowing you to wash and wax your vehicle in one step. However, you may want to think twice before you use this type of product. It’s super hard to create any type of polish that contains wax. This is because was acts ad a lubricant thus limiting its polishing ability. It’s also hard to get a wax to stay on your vehicle when you’re washing it off with a cleaner.


What’s the Best to Use?

Honestly, use whichever one you want to use. Both are just as effective, as long as you use it. Some product advertise that they are easy to use but in fact are really quite difficult to use. Something like that you’re not liable to use again. Choose something easy to apply that you know you’ll use more than once. If you have questions, please feel free to call Myrtle Beach Detailing and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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