Pranks Gone Wrong: Cleaning up after Halloween!

PranksHalloween Pranks

Halloween can be a really fun time of year. However, some people take the tricks further than the treats! Rambunctious kids throwing eggs at passing cars isn’t uncommon. Even silly string and shaving cream can become tools to create the ultimate prank. Unfortunately, all of those substances can harm your vehicle’s painted surfaces.  These pranks can really hurt your vehicle. Keep reading below to learn how you can stop major damage from happening.


If you have ever had an egg thrown at your vehicle, you know it can make quite the mess. You haven’t? Well, consider yourself lucky. If you’re driving,whatever you do, do not use your wiper blades to immediately clear your windshield. You’ll end up with scrambled eggs smeared from one side to the other. You won’t be able to see a thing, and that’s extremely dangerous! The best thing to do is rinse off the egg with water as quickly as possible. If by chance the egg dries on your vehicle’s surface, use water and and a soft sponge to remove the residue. After that, wash and wax as usual.

PranksShaving Cream & Silly String

Shaving cream and silly string are two other products commonly used in pranks. Both of these products contain chemicals that can seriously damage your vehicle painted and plastic surfaces. The propellant contained in the canisters alone can hurt painted surfaces. Don’t forget though, those products are made of additional chemicals. Silly string is basically a soft plastic that can stick to the surface of your vehicle. Because it’s plastic, it won’t really wash off with plain water. If you’ve had shaving cream sprayed on your vehicle, you can rinse it with water. But, if it’s dried in place, don’t pick it off. Just keep at it with the water hose until it’s all gone. Once it’s gone, wash and wax as usual.

PranksSpray Paint

Everyone knows spray paint won’t simply wash off with soap and water. Removing spray paint takes specialized tools and products specifically made for its removal. Here at Myrtle Beach Detailing, we have the tools and products to expertly remove spray paint from your vehicle’s exterior surface.

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