Summer Break Fun Vehicle Clean Up

summerSpringtime is here. That means summer is just around the corner! It also means that people will be having a ton of fun in the sun here in Myrtle Beach! There is no doubt we will see jet skis and boats on the waterway. We will see the RV parks fill up with motor-homes and motorcycles cruising Ocean Boulevard. But before the fun can begin, we’ll have to make sure our fun toys for summer are looking good! Keep reading to learn more about how Myrtle Beach Detailing and ensure your summer toys are sparkling in the summer sun.

Different Types of Vehicles

Everyone knows that Myrtle Beach Detailing can clean a vehicle inside and out. But, did you know that we can also clean other types of vehicle as well? If it has a motor or wheels, there’s a pretty good chance we can detail it too.


Do you have a motor-home that’s been in storage for the winter? If so, there’s a good chance that it’s smelling a little musty inside. It’s also probably more than a little dirty on the outside. Our trained detail technicians can detail your motor-home inside and out. Don’t travel in a funky smelling or dirty RV.


Did you forget to completely clean your boat at the end of last fishing season? Is there something “pungent” you can’t quite find? Myrtle Beach Detailing can clean your boat and get it looking good for the summer!



summerPersonal Watercraft

Is your jet ski or other personal watercraft looking a little rough? We can detail it too! What’s worse than a dirty jet ski? Trying to impress your friends with a dirty jet ski, that’s what.



Don’t forget Myrtle Beach Detailing can also make your motorcycle look practically brand new. Don’t drive a dirty bike during the upcoming bike weeks. Be the star you know you are!



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