Tips to Using a Clay Bar on Your Vehicle

clay barIn the Automotive detailing business, we use all sorts of techniques and products to get your vehicle looking new again. One of these approaches is the use of a clay bar. Have you ever tried using a clay bar to remove fine particles on your vehicle? If not, keep reading to learn more about using a clay bar on your vehicle’s exterior surfaces.

Contaminants Cause Damage

Your vehicle’s exterior surface is always vulnerable to dirt, dust and even metal in the air. Those contaminants can adhere to your vehicle’s finish and cause damage. In many cases, the pollutants in the air can be very destructive and be the reason for rust to form. Even if you wash your vehicle regularly, all of the contaminants won’t always be removed. That’s where using a clay bar comes in. Using a clay bar on your vehicle’s exterior will entrap these tiny specks of dirt and grime. The process will leave your vehicle’s exterior with a nice, sleek surface.

Follow These Directions

First of all, you’ll need the clay and some clay lubrication to protect your vehicle’s surface. Here are the steps to using a clay bar on your vehicle:

  1. Wash and dry your vehicle like you normally do
  2. Cut your clay bar into four equal sized pieces. (You do this because if you drop your clay on the floor or ground, you have to throw it away)
  3. Next, flatten a small piece of cay to a size just smaller than the palm of your hand
  4. Following the directions on your lubrication, work in small sections so it won’t dry out. Be sure you’re working in the shade as well. Lightly slide the clay bar across your vehicle’s surface in a back and forth motion. Do not change directions and do not work in circles. This will cause damage.
  5. When you feel no resistance, move to another section.

After every couple of sections, flip or fold over the clay bar so you’re always working with a fresh side of the clay. However, you’ll want to keep a close eye on the cleanliness of the clay. If it becomes too contaminated with dirt and grit, move to a fresh piece of clay. If it’s not too deteriorated, you can apply a little bit of lubricant to it and place it in a small plastic bag for storage.

clay barMyrtle Beach Detailing Will do it for You!

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