Vehicle Washing Procedures

If you intend to maintain your car’s finish, you ought to go further than just watering it down every so often. Washing and detailing your vehicle by hand is one of the most excellent methods to keep your car looking its finest. You additionally do not have to take your car to a specialist to get the degree of clean you ought to have. Learning to do it by hand is simple and enjoyable.

Here are several simple Do-It-Yourself vehicle washing and automobile detailing suggestions to utilize the next moment you scrub your car. If you require additional guidance, get in touch with us at Myrtle Beach Detailing.


You should begin by selecting a devoted car-wash product intended for use on automotive paint. Using hand soap, dish washer detergent, or another household cleansing agent can take away your vehicle’s defensive wax, leaving your vehicle susceptible to abrasions and dents.

Besides automobile-washing soap, you will also require a soft, pure sponge or microfiber washing mitt and a pail.


Begin by cleaning off your car to eliminate extra debris, and then fill up a pail with a mixture of soap and water. Be cautious as you wash your car — the rags you use to wash the wheels and tires should be separate from the ones you utilize to wash the body. That is since sand, brake dust and additional waste from the wheels can scrape your vehicle’s finish.

As you complete each segment, wash off the soap prior to it drying and leaving a scum.

Once you have completed washing, use a greatly absorbent chamois cloth to promptly dry your car for a smooth finish.

Vehicle Detailing Suggestions

Now that your vehicle is clean, make for sure that its lovely sparkle lasts with detailing. If you wax your automobile on a routine basis, using a fast detailer and a microfiber fabric can leave your car with a refined look. But, if you have gone over a year or more without waxing your automobile, it is time to re-utilize vehicle wax.

Every time you are detailing or polishing your vehicle, make sure that your vehicle is dry and in a shady spot. This will assist you in buffing away the extra wax.

Moreover, taking care of the outside of your car, detailing also involves vacuuming the inside, cleaning the carpets and seats, cleaning windows and even lubricating locks.

Go Further Than Washing and Detailing

To keep your car in the best shape, you may additionally want to complete services, like headlight refurbishment, tire rotation and air filter replacement. For these wilier chores, it is safest to leave them up to the experts.