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It's All About the Detail

Without proper cleaning and care, a vehicle’s exterior and interior can become cracked, discolored. Road debris, the UV rays from the sun and airborne pollutants can all severely damage your vehicle, both inside and out! Here at Myrtle Beach Detailing in beautiful Myrtle Beach, SC, we know that it’s all about the detail. We could give your car a regular wash and wax, but why stop there? It’s those small details that other people miss that can keep your vehicle from looking its best. It doesn’t matter what the outside looks like like if the inside isn’t just as clean. We'll be sure to get to all of those nooks and crannies on your vehicle’s console and near the gearshift too. Is there a blemish on the floor mat? We can take care of that too and make your vehicle’s carpet look brand new! Click the link below to get your appointment scheduled now!

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