Remember when your favorite car or truck was brand new, fresh off the showroom floor? Do you miss the smell and feel that made driving an absolute thrill? Everything about the car was free from sand, salt, dirt, sweat, and grime? We devote ourselves to bringing the feeling back!

Why Clean Your Vehicle With Us?

Don’t be fooled into thinking an automated car wash is the best way to go. Yes, it may clean your vehicle, but the attention to DETAIL is missed. The paint on your automobile can’t reach its full potential by simply driving through an automatic car wash. Even if foamy soaps and layers of wax are sprayed on the car, there’s no way to achieve the quality of shine accomplished by detail shops. Of course, there’s even the possibibility that some car washes will scratch the paint and leave unsightly swirl marks.

Let’s not forget about the interior. Have you ever thought about the fact that you can clean your clothes after every use but the fabric in your car is rarely, if ever, cleaned? Consider the buildup of sweat, the smell of French Fries, and the old stains of spilled soda which can affect the seats. Let us make your interior sparkle and smell like new.

Quality Detailing Service For All Vehicles

Beach Automotive is now proud to offer full car detailing in Myrtle Beach. We have a Brand New 8,400 sq ft facility that accomodates most size vehicles to ensure they receive the professional attention they deserve. By having your vehicle detailed, it not only promotes a more enjoyable driving experience, it may also maintain/increase its value!

Myrtle Beach has an environment that is harsh to automobiles, thus increasing the importance of having your car professionally detailed. Beach Automotive Detail Shop uses top-of-the-line products to carefully remove the pollutants which build up on cars every day. Such products include Meguiar’s compounds, pads, and polishes. We also utilize Vac Away interior cleaning systems. Our staff has over 40 years of experience to come up with an effective detail solution for your vehicle.