Automotive Detailing = Excellent Health Benefits!

You need your car to look fantastic and shiny, but did you know that car detailing also presents excellent health benefits? Keep reading for all the details!

Think you are protected with just a little cleaning? Think again. Once you really consider the amount of potentially dangerous irritations, debris, and unpleasant stuff prowling in your car, you will perhaps want to have your car detailed by a professional today!

Molds & Mildews

Ever get into your car with damp feet? Ever have a delicious drink condensate a bit? Think every cranny is totally safe from outside moisture? Your car is a hearty breeding ground for all sorts of unhealthy mold spores and mildews. Mold grows quickly when it gets anyplace near even small moisture. Molds and mildews are a major culprit in allergy symptoms and can affect everything from eye annoyance to lung cancer.

Dust Mites & Dander

Chances are your car is literally swarming with tiny mites and chock-full of, at bare minimum, bits of dead human skin. How often do you scrub your kitchen counter completely? What would happen if you just let it lie for a few months? Disgusting! Plus, WebMD says that about 20 million Americans are sensitive to dust mites. “One piece of dust can contain pet dander, pieces of dead cockroaches, and mold spores, along with dead skin and dust mites.” The safest way to reduce your contact to dust mites and dander is to keep surfaces and all those niches and crevices tidy!

Outdoor Pollutants

How much contamination do you think is loitering around your typical strip of road as you are driving? These contaminants can build-up in your vehicle and produce a toxic ecosystem. The toxins also absorb into the carpeting and material inside of your automobile. The more often you can cleanse you have your car competently and completely cleansed of these contaminants, the better for your health!

A Few Additional Tips to Have a Healthier Car Environment:

  • Do not Eat in the Car
  • Keep Your Trunk Free of Stuff
  • Clean the Engine
  • Clean the Air Intakes
  • Do not Re-circulate the Air Conditioning

Stop by Myrtle Beach Detailing to improve your health benefits today!