Household Tools to Clean Your Car

householdGetting your vehicle professionally detailed is always a good thing to do for your vehicle. Not only does it make your vehicle look nice, it can also extend the life of your vehicle. Both inside and out, a professional detail can work wonders. But, what if you just need to do a little tidying up between full details? Here are a few items easy found around your household that you can use to help tidy up your vehicle!

householdCotton Swabs

We all have these in our bathrooms, right? Cotton swabs are one of the best household tools you can use to clean out those tidy, hard to reach spots. They can be used for a multitude of reasons. Use cotton swabs to dust cracks and crevices. They can also be used to dust and clean off radio buttons and even around your gear shifter.


A toothbrush can be used much in the same way you can use cotton swabs. Of course, you’ll want to use a toothbrush you no longer use! Use an old dry toothbrush to sweep away crumbs and stuck on dirt. The longer handle makes it perfect to get into those hard to reach areas.


The use of vinegar as a cleaner goes back ages! Diluted with water, vinegar makes an excellent glass cleaner. This is a great household tool!

householdBaking Soda

The same things goes for baking soda. It’s been used as a cleaner and deodorant for years. Remember the little yellow box that lived in the back of your mom’s refrigerator? One of the easiest and most simple ways of using baking is to sprinkle it on the carpet. Dust on a thin layer on the seats and carpet and let it sit. After a little while, vacuum it up and your vehicle will smell so much better!

householdLint Roller

A lint roller isn’t strictly for your clothes. Using a lint roller is a great way to remove stubborn pet hair from the seats. You can also us it on the floor of your vehicle. Lint rollers are pretty inexpensive and can usually be found at the dollar stores.


householdDryer Sheets

Just like a lint roller, a dryer sheet has more uses than just getting the wrinkles out of your clothes. A dryer sheet can be used to dust off your dashboard and instrument panel. You can also tuck a few dryer sheets in random places in your vehicle and you’ll always have a fresh smelling car!

householdNeed More Help?

Of course, if your vehicle is beyond a simple household tool clean up, give Myrtle Beach Detailing a call to get your appointment scheduled! By all means, give us a call today!