Pollen Season Problem Solvers!

pollen seasonIt’s that time of year again! The flowers are beginning to bloom, the grass is starting to grow… and the pollen count is quickly increasing! Don’t let your vehicle turn yellow this spring. Call Myrtle Beach Detailing for help this pollen season!

pollen seasonIt’s the Worst

Springtime in Myrtle Beach is a wonderful time of year. This is, except for the pollen, of course. Pine tree pollen is the worst. We’ve already seen a hint of the pollen to come too. No one likes it. It covers everything and gets into every nook and cranny.

Myrtle Beach Detailing can help solve this pollen season dilemma for you. We can give your vehicle the cleaning and washing it deserves. Myrtle Beach Detailing has specialized tools to get into the smallest spaces. We use the best and safest products to make your vehicle look practically brand new.

pollen seasonPollen Causes Damage

A lone particle of pollen can cause injury to your car’s paint job. Pollen has a high acidity that corrodes paint. When a particle of pollen manages to land in one of the miniature pores of your car’s paint it starts to degrade it. This can lead to staining and early oxidation of the paint. Waxing is another terrific preemptive measure. Wax makes it hard for pollen to stick to your car because it adds a slick coating to it. Wax is also a defensive layer between the pollen and your paint. This makes it very tricky for pollen to slide into your car’s paint pores.


pollen seasonPollen Season Appointment

This is why you need to call Myrtle Beach Detailing this pollen season and get your full detailing appointment scheduled. Don’t let the pollen ruin your vehicle’s paint. Don’t drive around in a car covered in nasty, yellow pollen. Give us a call today. Or, you can even click or tap the link below to get your appointment scheduled!