Tinted Car Windows: Easy Maintenance

Tinted windows on a vehicle can look really nice. Vehicle owners today are enthusiastic on improving and enriching their automobiles. In addition to the many improvements that could be done, window tinting is one of the most fashionable. Car tints are chosen by many automobile owners because it’s a useful improvement. When completed with excellent quality, it can make your vehicle look superior while additionally increasing a level of seclusion.

Having your vehicle windows tinted doesn’t imply you don’t have to wash your windows on a regular basis. Actually, you may require more caution about how you pay attention when it’s been tinted. Tinted vehicle windows require particular care to prevent cracking and peeling. If you’ve recently had your car windows tinted, you may have been on the fence as to how you can take care of it. Here are the things you should take note of:

Never Use Abrasive Products on Tinted Windows

As a rule, you should in no way use any coarse products on your car window’s tint. Pointed brushes or coarse cloths will scrape your window tint. This causes windows to seem scratched or even torn. To prevent this from occurring, always use soft cloths or microfiber wipes when cleaning and washing your vehicle windows.

Keep Your Windows Clean from The Outside

To do this, use a soft glass cleanser so you can break down the buildup of dust, water spots, and grime. Keep in mind, the cleaning product MUST be mild. You need to steer clear of glass cleansers with ammonia. This substance can damage both the tint and the glass itself. A pH-neutral dish-washing detergent will also work. Start with plain, clean water first.

Don’t Touch Your Tinted Windows Right After Installation

This tip pertains to automobile owners who just had their car windows tinted. It’s a great habit avoid touching the fresh window tint for 30 days from the date of application. Don’t roll the windows up nor down. Also, don’t wash it or clean it. The fine coating of film requires time to cure.

Brush Dirt Particles First

Prior to cleaning your windows or dousing them with water, you may opt to clean the surface first with a gentle brush or a delicate cloth. This is an additional measure of concern to help remove any grime and trash on the windows. Devoid of cleaning first prior to wetting your windows, the hazard is the debris may scrape the tint and even the window.

Roll The Window Down

The upper boundary of the glass that goes into the window track should likewise be scrubbed. If not, an unattractive grime line or stain will be noticeable when you roll down your window.